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#howgoodisGod Twitter asks…

18 August 2009
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I’m kind of surprised this is a trending topic on Twitter, popular enough to make it to number 2 on the twitter home account page.  I guess someone felt the need to create a poll and it’s just one of those things that exploded. I was going to vote (they very thoughtfully put in an option for non-believers) but then I realized I had to give the app full access to my account and I decided not to. I just have trouble trusting such things, and it didn’t feel worthwhile to risk my pretty new computer just for the sake of one poll.

However, it’s interesting to read some of the things people are saying when the tweet about the poll.  A lot of it is just taken from the poll itself, which asks how good is God?  You get 4 choices, “He’s awesome”; “He’s the reason we all exist!”; something like “Terrible! Look at all the awful things that happen” (I had to paraphrase, I couldn’t get back to the site) and “I don’t believe in God”.  Apparently non-believers aren’t that excitable, because that is the only choice without an exclamation point.  But anyway, most people are just saying “He’s awesome”, “He’s the reason we all exist” etc, but there are some delightful ones that seem out of the ordinary. A selection for you below:


(this person apparently thinks CapsLock is cruise control for awesome and has a poor grasp of grammer)

#howgoodisGod ? i love because HE IS LOVE. i live because HE IS LIFE. That’s how good GOD is. I’m so blessed that this is a trending topic!”

(I can’t figure out why the fact that this is a trending topic is a reason to feel blessed… anyone care to explain it to me?)

#howgoodisgod friend was in a car WRECK, they had to use the jaws of life … she walked away and is still here todayyy.”

(yeah, God is great because he didn’t prevent the car wreck and left your friend to be saved by competent and dedicated EMTs)

#howgoodisGOD this is a topic that is beyond explantion n beyond all topics eva shown this should b on the topic charts for a while.”

(I’m still not getting why this topic is such an awesome unexplainable miracle)

#howgoodisgod well he doesn’t exist so… not very?”


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