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Gift from God?

3 September 2009

My mother recently created a website for her artwork… at the age of 60, she’s finally doing what she loves as a career.  One of her friend’s decided to share the website as a link on Facebook, which is pretty cool, no problems there.  But the first comment on the link?

Beautiful work. She has a definite gift from God.

This comment is by someone who doesn’t even know my mother, no less.  Really… a gift from god? Are you sure she didn’t take tons of drawing classes and practice her ass off for the past forty years or so?  I guess maybe this should not irritate me so much, but it’s my mom’s hard work they’re talking about here, and frankly it is kind of insulting that people who don’t even know her would attribute it to some supernatural being.

I felt like I couldn’t just let that pass, but especially as it was on one of my mom’s friend’s posts, I didn’t want to be rude, so I left this comment:

Actually she’s just worked her whole life at being amazing 🙂

Does that get the point across while still being friendly and polite?

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  1. Ted permalink
    3 September 2009 18:14

    There’s just no escaping them Ms. Doubt. They’re everywhere continuing to, for lack of a better expression, “Push their lifestyle on the rest of us.” Your Mom’s work is gorgeous. I finally landed a job and I’m thinking I’m gonna start saving my pennies for “A window in France” litho hope I got the title right. It’s just stunning. Great blog BTW I enjoy it very much. -Ted

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